TR Electronic (Sensors)


Absolute Encoders, Absolute Programmable Encoders, Incremental Encoders, Special Application Encoders, Dual Safety Encoders, Rotary Encoders, Positioning and Drives, Ethernet/IP Encoder, Rotary Absolute Encoder

Distance Sensors
Laser Distance Measurement, Laser Sensors, Mid-Range Distance Sensor,
Ethernet Laser, Linear Distance Measurement, Precision Glass Linear, Magnostrictive Measurement, Position Sensor, Linear Transducer, Linear Position Transducer, Linear Position Sensor, Linear Displacement Transducer, Sensors and Transducers

Label Sensors, Ultrasonic Sensors, Ring Sensors, Inductive Proximity Sensor, Capacitive Proximity Sensors, Frame Sensors, Color Sensors, Distance Sensors, Movement Sensors, Safety Light Curtains, Photoelectric Sensors

Industrial Ethernet
TR has developed Ethernet Solutions across its wide variety of products, for customers looking to upgrade their control hardware platform.
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