Saginaw Enclosures (Connectivity)


1. SCE has been building top quality electrical enclosures since 1963
2. One of the Largest Enclosure Manufacturers in North America/World
3. 100% USA Made Steel, 100% Made in the USA (All Enclosures meet American Recovery Act Requirements)
4. Manufacturing Facility
4a. 285,000 square foot
4b. Located in Saginaw, Michigan
4c. State of the art equipment
4d. Processing over 4 Million Pounds of Steel a Month
5. Four Regional Stocking Warehouses
5a. Tennessee (40,000 square feet)
5b. Nevada (40,000 square feet)
5c. Ohio (68,000 square feet)
5d. Wisconsin (38,000 square feet)
6. Over 13 million dollars of catalog items in stock ready to ship.
7. All SCE enclosures are built to industry standards, UL Listed and Nema Rated